Sincere copy that sells

Grow your Natural Health business with direct response copywriting

You know when you meet someone new?

And the conversation flows naturally, and one topic leads to another…

And suddenly you discover you’ve met a new friend — who actually needs this thing you do for a living?

Those are the BEST conversations :)

But somehow when you try the same in writing you feel like you’re back in school, writing an essay?

Well that’s what I do. I put those conversations into writing, flowing naturally to the point of meeting new connections. The kind you’d make friends with.

You put it up where it does this for you, and you get on with doing what you love.

Look, I have studied the proven classic techniques of sales writing. They work. But they leave much to be desired when it comes to building RELATIONSHIP. Which is the foundation of sustainable business.

The answer is to speak Human: take sales writing that works, remove the hype and sleaze, make it personal, then make it fit the stage they’re in, on their journey with you.

And THAT’S when you start finding new business coming to YOU.

Want to learn how to do this? Start here:

How a wellness business thrives without extra promotion

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