Touch More Lives with Proven, Ethical Principles in Writing

If you want to help more people improve their health, this is a pivotal principle to learn.

Here’s why:

You sell real, natural health. You already improve people’s lives. This is something they need.

And they know it.

But, you’re just one of many. There is a crowd in your way, all shouting at the same time: Come get my stuff! It’s what you need!

To change more lives, you need to sell and grow first.

You need to cross this gulf of noise.

Don’t just shout louder than the rest. More advertising, more noise. Less attention.

So why don’t they notice your product? It comes down to understanding how we filter out unwanted information.

Here’s how we do it:

  • First we ask, does this “resonate” with me?
  • Then: is this something I want?
  • Thirdly: can I trust this person?

This is what your clients do too. If any of those questions gets a “no” they MOVE ON.

You must understand how to get to “yes” on each of those:

  • Speak in the language they expect to hear
  • Focus on what they want.. what’s at the top of their mind
  • Prove your honest intentions and trust-worthiness

I show you how this works in the natural health market

With this free course:

  • In daily bite sized chunks
  • Learn which common mistakes repel your clients
  • And the principles used to reverse those mistakes
  • Discover the wording ideally suited to sell your product
  • Including a checklist for correcting your own writing

Whether for a blog post, a landing page, a sales page or the more traditional advertisement.

I call it the Conscious Copy Course.

And, did I mention, it’s free. For now.

Note: I do not spam you, and never give your email to anyone.

Why am I doing this?

Three reasons.

  • There are too many fake health products already. I want to help you sell the real thing.
  • Since you promote health, I would indirectly be helping people live a healthier life.
  • I want to show the value of this writing discipline to a wider audience.

So, who am I?

My name is Leon van der Walt, founder of SwayingWords.

I craft and tweak conversations for better conversion. Or, more formally: I’m a direct response copywriter in the natural health market.

I understand your client: I am a consumer of natural health.

I eat organic when I can. I only put on my skin what I could eat.

I’ve experimented with Paleo, Banting and Ketogenic diet modes.

I’ve practised Tai Chi for 11+ years, and meditation for 18+

I use analytical and systems thinking gleaned from a 20+ year background of hard-core software development.

I put this background to work connecting with your clients.

Does this resonate with you?

Get the course and decide for yourself.

From people I’ve worked with:

Leon’s approach to content is thorough and driven, while maintaining a friendly, open and congenial working relationship.

Leon has managed to take content that was trying to do far too much, and distill it into a single set of USP’s, that will be driving my work going forward.

I’ve really appreciated the thorough research and super useful marketing insight.

– AnĂ©l De Bruyn, Founder of Madnella

Leon would be a great asset to any company. His quiet, steady way ensures that projects stay on course no matter the pressures.

His openness and generosity to share knowledge and willingness to always help both colleagues and clients without reserve is an example to many.

I would highly recommend Leon to anybody looking for a knowledgeable and hardworking professional.

– Steve Mathew, Managing Director at Fireworkx Internet

You are literally saving us 5–10 hours of tedious manual manipulation of data every month. Much more saving than we were expecting to get when you offered to help.

The cherry on top is the system you devised: Instead of being a chore, it is a pleasure to use. I know, because I have used it myself on several occasions!

What was also a pleasure was the unobtrusive way that you interacted with people to get the information you needed to set up the systems.

Happy to recommend you to any organisation with similar problems.

– Dr. Shannon Kendal, Leader at School of Practical Philosophy

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